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Hosting Subscription

Hosting Subscription

Web Hosting Subscription


We now offer an easier way for you to pay for your web hosting plan…automated payments! Click the “Subscribe” button and you’ll be taken to a page to set-up automatic payments. This is a new service, so if you experience any hiccups in the process, please let us know. And thank you for your business!

To subscribe click on the button below and follow the online steps. All subscriptions are for 12 months, early cancellations will result in hosting termination.


Just a phone call away ....


Since many website are event-driven, these websites drive traffic and can be subject to bursts - often driven by event promotions and related media campaigns. Monsters Company can tune our hosting services to make sure we have the available processing power and bandwidth to reliably serve up your pages, even during bursts of traffic.


Plus, if you want reliable, personalized service... we are here for you. When you have questions, we are always just a phone call away!


The Basic package is more than adequate unless you plan on hosting a large number of video/audio files.





For more information regarding a subscription, all subscriptions are 12 months unless otherwise noted.