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Monsters Company Terms of Service

BUSINESS CARDS:Business Cards are printed in quantities of 1000, 2500 and 5000. Pricing on cards are subject to change without notice. Custom designs are offered via Monsters Company Setup charge of $20.00 for all business card orders. Qualities of 10000 + qualify for special pricing. Design pricing is subject to change without notice. Free Custom Designs are based on standard designs with no scanned or custom artwork.


QUANITIES PER ORDER: Each order is completed as ordered 1000, 2500, 5000 etc. Example - 5000 business cards cannot be divided into several different orders 2500 / 2500. One (1) order per set of business cards. All print which includes specials and custom deals outlined on this website and/or emailed advertisements cannot be devided amounts. Print includes POSTCARDS, BROCHURES, FLYERS, DOOR HANGERS, BUSINESS CARDS, POCKET FOLDERS AND ANY CUSTOM DESIGN WORK COMPLETED BY MONSTERS COMPANY.


POSTCARDS: Monsters Company offers several sizes for postcards. Custom designs are offered at an additional cost based on the design and time frame to complete. Qualities of 10000 + qualify for special pricing. Design pricing is subject to change without notice. Free shipping is for Hillsborough County unless noted. For custom artwork please read CUSTOM ART DESIGNS.


Rates are subject to change without notice.

Terms of Service Monsters Company
*The above prices do not include logo design. Logo design is a premium service and is not included in our design prices. If you would like a premium design quote please contact us.

*Typesetting receives no revisions. Only full design jobs receive revisions unless there are grammatical errors.




BANNER DESIGN: Banner design is a flat rate fee. The flat rate fee is based on basic, animated and custom banner design with limited animation. The rate may very if designs are completed in Flash. Price may vary if scanned documentation is required.

FLASH DESIGN: Flash design for web and/or banner design will vary in price due to the work and the time frame of completion. If adding flash to an open service agreement this could add another 4 to 6 weeks for competition. Monsters Company will require a " Request of Proposal or Professional Service agreement" for all Flash design. Once both parties agree on the layout and design, Monsters Company will then give a time of completion in written form and a 45% down payment is required. For any reason that the project is canceled by the client within 10 days of date stated on signed contract, the 45% will be returned. After 10 days of date stated on signed contract, 25% will be refunded. If for any reason that Monsters Company can not complete and/or fulfill the signed contract, the full 45% will be returned.


LOGO DESIGN: Logo Design is a flat rate fee. The flat rate is based on custom and/or scanned designs. Logo design is completed in a static form only, unless otherwise stated in the proposal. For Flash and/or animation designs, an addendum may be required.


WEB DESIGN: Web designs are based on the number of pages and the graphic design of the web site. Additional pages will range from $50 to $100 per page. Custom graphics will change the price based on additional work required ( Scanned, Custom Drawings, ETC. ). Correction must be completed within the allotted timeframe based on the written contract. All requests after the written contract is close will accrue a standard fee. Correction include margins, spelling, picture placement, indexing, addresses, phone numbers, titles and placement per page(s).


WEB HOSTING: Hosting a site for clients is completed based on a contract ONLY. Month-to-month and/or yearly charges will accrue and will become said client(s) responsibility thereafter.


CUSTOM DESIGNS: Custom artwork for Logos, Banners, Business Printing and/or Web site designs are available. Monsters Company offers custom business card templates for ordering via the internet. These templates are for sale at a rate of $175.00 per template. Monsters Company also offers free design services for business cards only, these designs are owned by Monsters Company and can be purchased at a rate of $175.00 per design. For more information on getting custom designs for your web site, logos, business printing and/or banners, please contact us at 813-441-4044.

Payments & Shipping

PAYMENTS: All orders must be prepaid. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and echeck. Online orders are processed via Paypal all other orders please send to:

Monsters Company
PO Box 785
Valrico, Florida


SHIPPING: Monsters Company uses USPS for all shipping. Deliveries for standard packages will be delivered within seven (7) to ten (10) business days after being placed in the United States mail, with tracking number(s). For large shipments our office will arrange a noted US carrier for delivery. Shipping delays may occur during holidays, acts of nature and/or unknown acts out of Monsters Company's control. PLEASE NOTE OUR OFFICE DOES NOT QUOTE SHIPPING. All shipping cost will occur during time of invoicing.


Quotes and Cancelations

QUOTES / WRITTEN ESTIMATES: Pricing on this website is subject to change without notice. All written estimates are GOOD FAITH ESTIMATES for 22 business day. Estimates not accepted after 23rd business day which prices may very. OUR OFFICE DOES NOT QUOTE SHIPPING. All shipping cost will occur during time of invoicing.


CANCELATIONS: Due to the speed of our turnarounds, you may only cancel a job the same day you place an order. A charge of $75 is applied to jobs canceled before plating occurs at 6pm. NO REFUNDS will be given for orders canceled after 6pm of the same day the order was placed.


PROOFS: Monsters Company will post all pending orders for said client(s) to view on this web site at said location made by Monsters Company. Client(s) must approve orders by email response. The work is printed per the client(s) written response. Request for changes can be completed by email or verbally. If verbal changes are requested client(s) must follow up with written response to avoid any mistakes. Color proofs are available for a charge of $12 on all printed material.


COMPLETED JOBS: Defects, damages, or shortages must be made within 7 calendar days after delivery or hand off. If no clams is made Monsters Company and Client(s) will agree printed item(s) has fully satisfied all terms, conditions and specifications. Web base correction read Web Designs. All jobs are completed within 7 to 10 business days. Custom Jobs with die cuts, folded or scored could take 10 to 17 business days. Shipping is NOT included in press or production times. Allow 5 to 10 business days for shipping. Deliveries during the holidays could prolong shipment. i.e. Thanksgiving, Christmas. RUSH DELIVEIES are available at an extra fee. Please call our office if you need more information regarding deliveries, RUSH or completed jobs.


Package deals are offered for our Web Design.

Package 1
5 pages w/ rollover buttons on each page. (Navigational Only )
Custom Graphics ( *Basic Design )
Scanned Documentation or pictures
Web Registration
30 day support


Package 2
Logo Design ( *Basic Design )
8 pages w/ rollover buttons on each page ( Navigational Only )
Custom Graphics ( *Basic Design )
Scanned Documentation or pictures
Web Registration and 90 day support



Invoice and Performance

INVOICE PROCEDURES AND PAYMENT: Monsters Company shall submit invoices to the client for work accomplished during each calendar month. For services provided on a Lump Sum basis, the amount of each monthly invoice shall be determined on the "percentage of completion method" whereby Monsters Company will estimate the percentage of the total work (provided on a Lump Sum basis) accomplished during the invoicing period. Monthly invoices shall include, separately listed, any charges for services for which time charges and/or unit costs shall apply. Such invoices shall also include, separately listed, any charges for Professional Associates and reimbursable costs. Such invoices shall be submitted by Monsters Company as soon as possible after the end of the month in which the work was accomplished and shall be due and payable by the client upon receipt. Late payments will occur a 1.5% late fee per day on the total amount due. Jobs and/or Professional Service Agreements written by Monsters Company which required additional work requested by the client will have an addendum attached to the original service agreement. Requested work in verbal form will not require a signature(s) by client but holds an understanding between Monsters Company and the client to complete verbal requested work. An addendum will be submitted to said client with the verbal requested work by email, postal service (USPS) or hand delivered.

The Client, as owner or authorized agent for the owner, hereby agrees that payment provided to said client will be made for said work within 15 days ( NET 15 ) from the date the invoice is mailed and/or emailed to said client at the physical mailing address, email address or is otherwise delivered directly to. Default of such payment the said client hereby agrees to pay all costs of collection, including reasonable attorney's fees, regardless of whether legal action is initiated. The said client hereby acknowledges that unpaid invoices shall accrue interest at the maximum retailed by law after they have been outstanding for over 30 days. Monsters Company reserves the right to suspend all services on the Client's project without notice if an invoice remains unpaid 45 days after date of invoice. This suspension shall remain in effect until all unpaid invoices are paid in full.

The time of performance shall be adjusted appropriately. If the services under this Agreement are delayed for a period of more than one (1) calendar year* from the beginning date (as provided on written PSA), the fees shall be subject to renegotiation; any change in such fees shall apply only to the unfinished services as of the effective date of such change. Time of Performance will not require an addendum. All fees and cost will be outlined on final COST SHEET once PSA is closed. Fees and cost are applied to TERM AND TERMANATION for TIME OF PERFORMANCE if breach occurs.

Records Search

RECORD SEARCH: If for any reason Monsters Company is requested to produce, reproduce, supply, print , email and/or send via USPS requested invoice(s) and/or email(s) for clients, companies, creditors, dept collectors and/or vendors over a period of one (1) calendar year (*264 Days) the said requestor must pay Monsters Company for a Records Search. The Records Search can take up to one (1) calendar month to produce, send and/or receive. All records and/or emails are archived for seven (7) years for Monsters Companies personal records. Requesting email(s) and/or invoice(s) will be subject to a fee for each copy produced for said requestor. Rates / Fess - Email(s) - $15.00 per copy. Invoice(s) - $20.00 per copy. Records Search is subjected to a fee of $90.00 US Dollars per search equal to one (1) hour of labor to un-archive records and complete the requested research. If records are archived for over a period of two (2) calendar years (*492 Days) Records Search is subject to a rate of two (2) hours of labor at $90.00 US Dollars per hour. For all emails and invoices a correspondence package can be purchased at rate of $275.00 per package. Package will be sent USPS with tracking information to requestor

: Requestor must provide an outline of all information during the calendar month and/or months with the calendar year and/or years. Provide the senders information and who the email(s) and/or invoice(s) were sent to and/or received from. If our office does not receive the information needed to complete our Records Search on or before one (1) month (*22 Business Days) from the time the requestor sent a letter of intent and/or request, Monsters Company will consider the matter closed. Send all information to Monsters Company PO Box 785 Valrico, FL 33595. All requested information must be sent to Monsters Company with written requested information. By Invoicing Monsters Company these are the Terms of Service set herein, all clients, companies, creditors, dept collectors and/or vendors must comply.


*Calendar Days = 264 days @ 22 days per month @ 12 months


COST ESTIMATES: Client hereby acknowledges that Monsters Company cannot warrant that any cost estimates provided by Monsters Company will not vary from actual costs incurred by the Client.


Term and Termination


If a dispute arises out of or related to Invoices, Professional Service Agreements or the breach thereof, the parties will attempt to settle the matter between themselves. If no agreement can be reached the parties agree to use mediation with a mutually agreed upon mediator before resorting to a judicial forum. The cost of a third party mediator will be shared equally by the parties. In the event of litigation, the prevailing party will be entitled to reimbursement of all reasonable costs and attorneys' fees. The parties mutually agree that a similar dispute resolution clause will be contained in all other contracts executed by Client concerning or related to this contract and all subcontracts executed by Monsters Company.

Professional Service Agreement known as PSA shall commence as of the Effective Date once both parties have signed and said client has paid one half or 50% of total cost outlined on signed PSA(s). At which both parties agreed to these Terms set herein and may not be altered, any new or added work to a signed PSA a written addendum and/or subcontract is required and must be signed by both parties. PSA(s) may be terminated by either party immediately following a material breach of signed PSA, which breach remains incured for a period of twenty-two (22) business days after written notice thereof is received by the non-breaching party. However, the parties agree that the PSA may be terminated according to the terms set by Monsters Company. All work completed for said client outlined in the signed PSA will be subject to standard fees and pricing. Client and/or company and/or organization must send notices and requests in connection with PSA will be deemed given (a) when personally delivered, (b) when delivered by facsimile, (c) the next business day following delivery to a nationally recognized courier service guarantying next-day delivery, or (d) five (5) business days after being placed in the United States mail, postage prepaid, certified or registered, return receipt requested, as follows, or to such other address as the party to receive the notice or request so designates by at least ten (10) days prior written notice to the other party. Professional Service Agreements whcih have outlined work, designs, code, database(s), custom designed code, custom scripts and all that applies will remain on Monsters Company servers and/or in control by Monsters Company until end date of Professional Service Agreement. Any and all Professional Service Agreements written by Monsters Company which have multiple Professional Service Agreements and/or subcontracts attached and/or followed by one primary PSA, the primary PSA must remain open and/or active to keep all PSA's and/or subcontracts open and/or active until end date noted on the wirtten PSA and/or subcontracts. In the event the primary PSA would lapse and/or canceled by said client and/or company and/or organization, any and all PSA's and/or subcontracts will be canceled and/or closed thereafter. Remaining balance is due, any and all payments completed in full and/or 50% downdown are NON-REFUNDABLE in whole and/or part. 

OWNERSHIP AND TRANSFERS: Any ownership to code and/or domains, hosting, including but not limited to HTML, HTML5, PHP, .NET, ASP, ASP.NET, ASPX, AJAX, C, C++, CGI, WORDPRESS, JAVA, JAVASCRIPT, LINIX, FLA, PDF, PSD, PNG, DWT, JPG, GIF, TIFF, AI, EPS, BMP and RAW files will be transferred when Monsters Company received a written email followed by written response on letterhead by said company and sent to Monsters Company by USPS, UPS, FEDEX or hand delivered to PO Box certified mail. Once acknowledgement has been received the data will become said clients reasonability. Monsters Company will remove any and all information designed or supported by Monsters Company. If said client requests support, help, tech support, backups, restores, add, moves and changes said company or client will incur a fee of $175 (One Hundred Seventy Five) US Dollars at a minimum charge of 3 (Three) hours. Payment must be made by credit card and paid prior to work and/or service(s). ALL SUPPORT REQUESTS MUST BE DONE IN WRITTING ON LETTERHEAD.

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES AGREEMENT TRANSFER: Any and all contract(s) will remain active in the case of new ownership and/or new management and/or active company (OUTLINED ON SAID PROFESSIONAL SERVICE AGREEMENT or PSA) is sold, purchased, acquired, traded, and/or leased, all signed and dated contract(s) will remain active to end date and/or thereof. Failure to comply to active contracts will incurr full cost, late fees, penalties for each contract and/or location(s) for each said Professional Service Agreement(s) per office, location, company, entitlement and/or person and/or persons.


DOMAIN TRANSFER: Registered Name Holders must be able to transfer the domain name registrations between Registrars provided that the Gaining Registrar's transfer process meets the minimum standards of this policy and that such transfer is not prohibited by ICANN or Registry policies. Inter-Registrar domain name transfer processes must be clear and concise in order to avoid confusion. Further, Registrars should make reasonable efforts to inform Registered Name Holders of, and provide access to, the published documentation of the specific transfer process employed by the Registrars. Monsters Company can assist in domain trasfers to Monsters Companys servers. If client informs Monsters Company in writing, said company will transfer their domain to new providor, a transfer fee will apply in the amount of $225.00 (Two Hundred Twenty Five US Dollards) prior to transfer. Lock codes will not be given until business check clears. 

: During the time of the open Professional Service Agreement (PSA), design, termination and/or breach noted in Terms of Service on Monsters Company website located at, both parties outlined on the PSA are not to use, sell, move, post, repost, add-to, design, re-design and/or configure and all that applies to PSA are prohibited to use any and all code written by Monsters Company which includes; HTML, HTML5, PHP, .NET, ASP, ASP.NET, ASPX, AJAX, C, C++, CGI, WORDPRESS, JAVA, JAVASCRIPT, LINIX, FLA, PDF, PSD, PNG, DWT, JPG, GIF, TIFF, AI, EPS, BMP and RAW files.

The written above applies unless otherwise noted by Monsters Company.

Designs and Samples

DESIGNS AND SAMPLES: Designs, layouts, digital and/or web samples but not limited to said items are property of Monsters Company until final payment is made by said client(s). Web samples and websites are for said client(s) view only, copying images to have designed, re-designed, posted, re-posted, and/or printed by outside company(s) other then Monsters Company is prohibited. Monsters Company will execute under US Copyright Law title 17, U.S. Code, the maximum fines for any and all copied images and/or designs. ALL IMAGES, DESIGNS, WEBSITES, WEBSITE SAMPLES, FLASH, FLASH DESIGNS, BUSINESS CARDS, POSTCARDS, BROCHURES, FLYERS, BANNERS, INTERNET BANNERS, DOOR HANGERS AND CUSTOM SAMPLES BUT NOT LIMITED TO SAID ITEMS ARE COPYRIGHT IMAGES UNLESS NOTED.

Basic Designs will not include Custom Art work and/or Flash. Any and all custom art work and/or Flash designs will be an additional cost. Please contact us for more information.